Player release.

A short piece from Neil Parish.

Player release.

This week our Club, and many more, up and down the country distributed a list of the first team playing staff that were being released. There\'s many ways of putting this, but invariably it all amounts to the same thing. And it undoubtedly means that there are a lot of people this week with a whole bunch of mixed emotions and internal questions. Yet for all those familiar names, there will also be names that are not so familiar that are moving on from the Under 18\'s and Youth teams.

It\'s a challenge for the person themselves obviously, but also for their support network, friends/family, and also for the Coaches and staff. No-one likes to be the bearer of disappointing news.

In recognition of this, there are a number of resources that we have at our disposal, and that can be distributed. Handouts that might be of use in helping to navigate a way through the aftermath of being released. In addition, there is also the offer of after-support if required. Our responsibility doesn\'t end the moment a person leaves.The Football world acknowledges that it has an on-going responsibility to people(especially young people) in ensuring that they are looked after. 

Clachnacuddin will do its best to play our part.