Captain and former pupil, Harry Nicolson interview with Inverness Gaelic Primary.


Q. When did you start playing football?

A. As long as i can remember i have played football, ever since i was a young boy i have played!

Q. Who was your football hero growing up?

A. When i was growing up i supported both Celtic and Chelsea, as these were both the teams I liked Lampard and Nakamura were both hero's of mine as a boy.

Q. What is the best and worst thing about being a footballer?

A. I would say the worst things are missing out on parties, having good food, it's a lot of time taken up of your life, you can miss out on holidays and always have to be healthy!

But I get to meet lots of new people and make lots of friends with playing football, you also get to do what you love and that's play the game.

Q. When did you start speaking Gaelic and how often do you use it?

A. I have spoken Gaelic since I was a wee boy as my Dad and his side of the family are from Uist, so I speak to him everyday using it and also his family when I speak to them.

Q. What advice can you give us to become a footballer?

A. If you work hard and put in the effort you can be anything you want to be. Put in the hours and practice, practice, practice! 

Q How does it feel to be the new captain at Clach?

A. I feel really proud to be the new captain at Clach, it shows the manager really trusts me for leading the team and I can't wait to get started. I hope you all support Clach now! 

The kids were asked if they had any further questions to which Corwin suggested; Q. How was your trip to Newcastle? (the end of season trip)

A. It was great fun! We got up to lots and lots of fealla-dhà (Gaelic slang for banter/mischief)