Clachnacuddin 0-6 Ross County

Some thoughts on last night's game

Clachnacuddin 0-6 Ross County


Pre season games are always a bit of a funny affair, aren't they? You want to try, but you don't want to try too hard. You want to show what you can do, but you need to demonstrate, first and foremost, that you are a team player. It's a fine balance.

Add to the equation that you are up against a local team, and that they happen to be in the top flight, just makes it even more difficult.

But just like the Caley Thistle match a fortnight ago, the result is not the most important thing. 

Most of us might have predicted a 5 or 6-0 defeat. It would have been reasonable. But what we might not have predicted was how Conor was going to prepare his squad, and the general attitude of the players.

The Staggies(such a lame name), bought a sizeable and vocal contingent to the Ferry San Siro, and the boys in the Clean Sweep stand with their little flares did make me chuckle. And up until the first goal, it was an even matched kind of game. The hope of a balmy summer evening of football was never going to happen, and it was very much "taps on". But it didn't matter. It was football back, and there was no mention of 1966. DOH!!! 

It was good to see Mascots back at the Park and I hope that Ollie and Cole Watson had a great time. Despite that final score. 

The P&J described it as a 'comfortable win', and the score doesn't lie I suppose, but what impressed me was that the guys never stopped trying to play. It would have been nice if we had scored, and we came close a few times. But it just wasn't to be. We'll save it for Lossiemouth in a couple of weeks. 

While my old school thinking still internally shouts "Get it up there!!!", the more cultured part of my brain is nodding in approval of the patient passing game that, for the most part, we pulled off.

Playing as we did, both last night, and in our other friendlies, it bodes well for the season ahead. The guys are looking fitter and playing intelligent football, and generally there is a fresh optimism about the place.

With HRL as our new main shirt sponsor, and with new sponsors about to be announced it all feels positive. From the background staff, the groundkeeper team, the ladies in the Pie Shack,the I.T. and commercial bods, all the way up to the Chairman, Clachnacuddin is more than just about 11 players on the pitch.

It's also about you. A Club like ours is nothing without its support. It's the lifeblood of Clachnacuddin. In fact, now is a great time to join the Supporters Trust. You are the 12th man.

We are the Clach! We are ALL the Clach!